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How does Calypso differ from Code Lab?

Purchasing Cozmo and Calypso

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What does Calypso cost?

Can I Use an Xbox One Controller With Calypso?

Installing and Updating Calypso

How do I install Calypso on Windows?

How do I install Calypso on MacOS?

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How do I update my copy of Calypso?

Is there a charge for Calypso updates?

Your Calypso License Key

Where do I get a license key?

Can I use my license key on multiple machines or different OSes?

How do I move my license from one machine to another?

What if can't deactivate my license on my old machine?

Running Calypso

How do I run Calypso for the first time?

Where can I find the list of keyboard shortcuts?

Where are my saved Calypso programs stored?


Connection Problems

Why can't Calypso find my Cozmo device?

Why am I getting "lost connection" errors?

Amazon Fire Tablet

My Fire tablet has started misbehaving.

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Calypso 0.8.21 (January 7, 2018)

Calypso 0.8.19 (December, 2017)