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Calypso for Cozmo

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Calypso for Cozmo
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Latest release: 1.0.21 (November 15, 2023)

Calypso is a human-friendly robot intelligence framework:

* Learn programming and computational thinking with Calypso.

* Free curriculum activities guide you to experiment with computer vision, speech recognition, and artificial intelligence.

* Works with any Cozmo robot.  (Robot must be purchased separately.)

* Suitable for all ages.

Compelling Technology - Unbeatable Simplicity

Calypso for Cozmo leverages a simple tile based user interface to teach robot logic and behavior. Our detailed lesson plans and online curriculum (coming soon!) make the software easy to learn, and the code you write is translated into engaging real world behavior by Cozmo as he tries to follow your commands and has fun doing it.

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Calypso Hardware and Software Requirements

1.  A Cozmo robot, available at Amazon, and a USB wall charger.

2.  An iOS or Android phone or tablet capable of running the free Cozmo app. Recommended: the Amazon Fire 7 for $49. But you can also use your phone, or an iPad.

3. A laptop or desktop computer running: 64 bit Windows 10, or MacOS 10.13 or higher. At least 6GB of RAM is required.

4. Optional but recommended: An Xbox 360 or Xbox One game controller, available at Amazon in black or white. We recommend getting either the AmazonBasics controller or a genuine Microsoft controller for best performance. Other controllers may not work.

Keep-Away Game

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