Calypso Software

Anki shuts down; Calypso will continue

We were saddened to learn that Anki will be shutting down on May 1. The Anki folk were both very smart and very kind. And they gave the world one of the best robots ever.

Rest assured, Calypso development is continuing. We're not slowing down at all.

What will the future hold?

  • Anki sold hundreds of thousands of Cozmo robots. We're going to make Calypso for Cozmo the best framework for programming intelligent robots anyone has ever seen.

  • If a buyer emerges for Anki's assets, they may continue production of Cozmo. We'll have to wait and see.

  • We always intended for Calypso to support additional robot platforms. If no one steps up to continue Cozmo production, we will accelerate our plans to support more robots. We will not drop support for Cozmo.