Calypso Software

Calypso 0.8.21 released

A new version of Calypso has been released: 0.8.21. Current users can update their copy of Calypso by going to the Home menu and selecting "Settings", then "Update Calypso Now".

Changes include:

  • Improved cube pickup behavior.
  • More user-friendly Settings menu.
  • Randomness has arrived!
      • The "say" tile now accepts a list of utterances, one per line, and picks one at random.
      • New "random color" tile for glow action.
      • New "random" tile for points provides random number generation.  Examples: to throw a six-sided die do "WHEN DO set-counter red-score 1 point random 6 points". To flip a coin (1=Heads, 0=Tails) do "WHEN DO set-counter green-core random 2 points".
      • New "random" tile for timer predicate, As with scores, tiles appearing to the right of the "random" tile are summed to give a value N, and a random number 0 <= r < N is then generated. Any values to the left of the "random" tile are added to the random result. For example, "WHEN timer 2 seconds random 5 seconds" will wait for an interval between 2 and 7 seconds long (2 + a random number r where 0 <= r < 5).
    • "Move wander" and "turn wander" now pause briefly after turning to give Cozmo's vision system time to process the new view.
    • "WHEN gamepad DO look" and "WHEN gamepad DO lift" now work properly.
    • Bug fix in file save operation.