Calypso Software

Calypso 0.8.33 released

A new version of Calypso has been released: version 0.8.33.

New Features

  • An "On Charger" warning in execution mode reminds you when Cozmo is sitting on his charger. He can still function, but he will not be able to move until you take him off the charger.
  • The "Retry or enter simulator mode" pop-up window now displays the Calypso version number.
  • In the rule editor, entering a "switch to page" tile immediately takes you to the page menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented recognition of the "2 diamonds" custom marker.
  • Fixed the Windows installer and Windows updater to accommodate  user names containing spaces.
  • Upgraded the MacOS version of Calypso to use Pillow 5.2.0, which solves a problem with Pillow on older versions of MacOS (10.10 and 10.11).