Calypso Software

Calypso 0.9.03 Released: Stable Late Beta

Calypso 0.9.03 has been released. For those of you still running 0.8.33, this will be a big upgrade. Most of the new features were already described in the 0.9.01 release notes; please see those release notes in the Help Center or the corresponding Calypso blog post for details.

New system details in 0.9.03:

  • Calypso now maintains a private copy of Python, so you can install any other version(s) of Python you like on your system without interfering with Calypso.
  • Calypso no longer installs Google Chrome (on Windows) or incorporates a private copy of Google Chrome (on MacOS) because this can lead to version conflicts. Users are instead required to have Google Chrome already installed on their system before running Calypso.
  • Calypso can now be installed anywhere. It doesn't have to be in AppData\Local (Windows) or /Applications (MacOS).
  • A new updater mechanism has been implemented that allows users to move between Calypso versions. In the future, this will allow people to try out beta versions of Calypso and revert to earlier stable versions whenever desired.
  • When the Cozmo app is updated, Calypso can now update its copy of the Cozmo SDK to match, without changing anything else.

New features in 0.9.03:

  • Faces are now positioned accurately on the world map.

  • The "hear" tile is now smarter about regular expression matching. Most punctuation is now removed before string matching because the speech API never uses punctuation. The only exceptions are parentheses and vertical bars (|) used for alternation, and the special case "(optional_sequence)?" where the question mark is used with parentheses to indicate an optional word sequence.

    Examples: "hello (there)? cozmo" will match either "hello cozmo" or "hello there cozmo". And "cozmo bring me a (pen|pineapple)" will match either "cozmo bring me a pen" or "cozmo bring me a pineapple".

    Due to a bug, it's not currently possible to have multiple lines of text as an argument to the "hear" tile, where each line is matched separately. This will be fixed in the next release.