Here is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the Calypso Beta.


What do I need in order to use Calypso?

You need four things to use Calypso:

(1) A Cozmo robot by Anki; this can be purchased at, or at Amazon or Best Buy.

(2) An iOS or Android phone or tablet capable of running the Cozmo app. We recommend the Amazon Fire 7 tablet, which costs just $49. The Cozmo app is available for free download in the Apple or Amazon app stores, or on Google Play.

(3) A laptop or desktop computer running Windows (7, 8.1, or 10), MacOs (10.10 or higher), or Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 or higher).

(4) An Xbox 360 or Xbox One game controller. We recommend using a genuine Microsoft controller for best quality and durability. Although it is possible to use Calypso without a controller, your robot interaction experience will be significantly better if you have one.