Calypso Software

Calypso 0.8.25 released

A new version of Calypso has been released: version 0.8.25.

New Features

  • Import and export of sound files is now supported via Home -> Settings -> Sounds
  • The "play", "say", and "hear" tiles now show you their arguments; you no longer have to put the pencil on the tile to see these values.

Tile arguments displayed as speech bubbles.

  • You can now play or delete sound files from within the sound file browser, e.g., when choosing a sound for the "play" tile, or during sound import/export.
  • Cube pickup is more reliable.
  • Calypso for Mac will now use the version of Google Chrome in /Applications if one is present; otherwise it will use a private copy  packaged with Calypso.

Bug Fixes

  • Faces are now displayed properly in the world map
  • "Feel" correctly binds "it"
  • Calypso updater will now allow you to update even if the Calypso version hasn't changed, in order to pick up new versions of Python packages such the Cozmo SDK.
  • Calypso updater for Windows now checks if another process has the Calypso directory locked and informs you of that.