Calypso Software

Calypso 0.8.27 Released

A new version of Calypso has been released: version 0.8.27.

New Features

  • "The Dock": the place where cubes go when we don't know their position (because they've been moved by a human and haven't yet been seen again). Previously, if you moved a cube and Cozmo couldn't see it, he assumed the cube was still at its last known position, even if he couldn't see it when he looked there. But now when a cube is moved and not seen, it goes into "the dock" in the top right corner of the world map. "WHEN see cube" will be false when the cube is in the dock, but Cozmo can still hear it if it speaks, and feel it if you tap on it. When he sees the cube again, it comes out of the dock and reappears on the world map.

  • Enhanced sound file management: go to Home -> Settings -> Sounds and you'll be able to (a) import new sound files in to your User Sounds collection, (b) browse both Calypso Sounds and User Sounds collections and play any sound file, or (c) export sounds from the current program to your User Sounds collection.  In addition, there's a Robot Volume panel that allows you to control Cozmo's volume.

  • Continued progress on making cube pickup smoother and more reliable. We use an adaptive thresholding scheme to verify that a cube has been picked up successfully, and have made adjustments to the path planning algorithm for smarter docking behavior. We'll continue to tune these algorithms in future releases.

  • AmazonBasics game controllers now work correctly on Mac and Linux systems. These controllers cost only $25, and they  work just as well as the more expensive Xbox One controllers and the now hard to find Xbox 360 controllers. Other brands of controller are not guaranteed to work with Calypso.

Bug Fixes

  • "WHEN see face in-frame" now works correctly.

  • DO-side actions that are blocked (Third Law of Calypso) or fail are now grayed out, as they should be.

  • Actions such as grab that are interrupted by gamepad input are treated as "failed" and now prevent indented rules from running (Fourth Law of Calypso).