Calypso Software

Calypso 0.8.31 released

A new version of Calypso has been released: version 0.8.31.

New Features

  • Home -> Settings -> Light Cubes helps you find your robot's light cubes when you're in a room with multiple Cozmos. Your robot's cubes will flash with a unique color. You can also check cube battery voltages, and the "Refresh" function tells Cozmo to relinquish his cubes and then attach to them again.
  • Home -> Settings -> Default Path allows you to change the path where your Calypso programs and user sound files are stored. This is specially useful for schools that use a network file server instead of storing files on the local hard drive.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Calypso to crash when speech input was received.
  • Restored some missing gamepad and keyboard help entries.