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Calypso 1.0.11 released

Calypso 1.0.11 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Cloud. Updates are free. On Windows, you can update your copy of Calypso by going to Home -> Settings -> Update Calypso Now, or downloading the new installer using this link: Mac users can  just download a new DMG file using this link: You can access Cloud Calypso at

New Features

  • Added Spanish language support. From the Home menu go to Settings > Language and you can switch betwen English and Spanish. Not only are the tiles, menus, and error messages in Spanish, but the speech recognition and speech generation facilities also use Spanish language models.

  • Visual classifier using Teachable Machine. It's now possible to train a visual classifier using Google's Teachable Machine, then import that classifier into Calypso. This allows you to make Cozmo respond to things like a thumbs-up gesture by writing a rule like "WHEN see class 'thumbs-up' DO say 'looking great' once". To upload a classifier, access the Classifier menu via the Map menu in the map layout view.

  • Saving camera images. It's now possible to save images from the camera viewer as PNG files by clicking on the camera icon in the camera viewer's title bar. This is useful for assembling a set of training examples to use with Teachable Machine. Images will be saved to the Downloads folder. You can save either single images or a numbered series; click on the settings icon in the camera viewer's title bar to configure this.

  • New control: microphone mute. While running your Calypso program, you can temporarily disable speech recognition by clicking on the microphone mute icon to the left of the world map display. This is useful if you're providing instruction to someone and you don't want everything you say to show up in a speech recognition bubble.

  • Improved wall recognition: when running on a physical robot, it now only takes one ArUco marker visible in the camera image to recognize a wall.  Previously at least two markers had to be visible simultaneously.

Bug Fix

  • A security issue that interfered with downloading saved Cloud Calypso programs  to the local hard drive has been fixed.