Calypso Software

Calypso 1.0.13 released

Calypso 1.0.13 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Cloud. Updates are free. On Windows, you can update your copy of Calypso by going to Home -> Settings -> Update Calypso Now, or downloading the new installer using this link: Mac users can  just download a new DMG file using this link: You can access Cloud Calypso at

Changes from version 1.0.11:

  • New icons for the view switch menu to avoid confusion with similarly-shaped buttons or characters.
  • Improvement to the behavior of the classifier.
  • Cloud Calypso can now import png files in addition to jpg files for use in map layouts.
  • Problems with image preview and upload in Cloud Calypso has been fixed.
  • Several other small bug fixes.