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Calypso 1.0.21 released

Calypso 1.0.21 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Cloud. Updates are free. On Windows, you can update your copy of Calypso by going to Home -> Settings -> Update Calypso Now, or downloading the new installer using this link: Mac users can download a new DMG file using this link: You can access Cloud Calypso at

New  in Version 1.0.21: Mini-Pages

Mini-pages are a new feature that allows a group of rules to be encapsulated and activated the same way a "switch to page" action activates a new page, except without leaving the current page. This is particularly useful when the activation is triggered by a momentary event such as "feel" or "hear" that is only true for one rule cycle. When activated, the mini-page caches the current value of "it" and remembers it for as long as the activation lasts. A mini-page continues to run and will not be activated afresh, even if the parent rule runs on subsequent rule cycles, until either the parent rule stops running and then starts running again, or the value of "it" changes.

To create a mini-page, right click on the WHEN tile of an indented rule and choose "Make mini-page". The result will look like this:

Example of a mini-page

 Mini-pages are numbered with decimals, e.g., the first mini-page on page 1 is numbered 1.1. Mini-pages can also nest; the first nested mini-page inside page 1.1 would be numbered 1.1.1.

Changes to State Machine View

  • In the state machine view, mini-pages are displayed as smaller circles attached to their parent's larger circle:

State machine view of a mini-page

  • If you drag a node or link in the state machine view it becomes "pinned" and will retain its position when other parts of the diagram move. There is now an "unpin" icon (appearing as a small dot) that can be clicked to unpin the node or link.

  • Inline pages are now graphically displayed in the state machine view.

Changes to the Rule Editor

  • Predicates such as "see" can now accept multiple negative modifiers, e.g., "WHEN see cube NOT-red NOT-green" will match any cube that is both not red and not green.

  • When editing a rule, if replacing a tile causes tiles to the right to become invalid (would be marked in red), those tiles are now deleted automatically.

Other Changes in 1.0.21

  • It's now possible to set a cube to "always seen" so that moving it out of the robot's field of view no longer makes it unseen. This only applies in simulator mode; on the real robot this behavior not possible. The "always seen" option can either be applied to a cube in the map layout editor, or on the world map while the program is running.

  • Executing "move toward" a face in the simulator now works like "turn toward" and rotates toward the face instead of doing nothing.

  • In Cloud Calypso, if logged in, the user id is displayed in the bottom right corner of the window, where "Guest mode" would be if not logged in.