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Using custom markers in a racetrack game

Using custom markers in a racetrack game

Calypso 0.8.23 was released yesterday. This version adds support for custom markers, which we’ve printed on adhesive labels so they can be attached anywhere.

This group of computer science students learned Calypso programming at the AAAI-18 Student Outreach Workshop in New Orleans sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, with support from Anki. They used the custom markers on a racetrack course which they set up at the Louisiana Children’s Museum:

In their racing game, you use the game controller to try to get Cozmo across the finish line as quickly as possible. But don’t drive randomly: each time you run him over a marker, you score a point. You can see the controller in the man’s left hand as he checks the laptop.

Here is an example of how you can program this behavior in Calypso:

The first line allows the gamepad to drive the robot. The second line is self explanatory.Two lines of code to make a racing game. With a few more lines you could add a stopwatch timer, sound effects, etc.