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Calypso 1.0.01 released: we're out of beta!

Calypso 1.0.01 has been released. This is the first non-beta version: we are officially out of beta now! This is also the first release to use a common code base for "Calypso for Cozmo" and "Cloud Calypso".

Updates are free. You can update your copy of Calypso by going to Home -> Settings -> Update Calypso Now. Mac users can also just download a new DMG file using this link: You can access Cloud Calypso at

Here is what's new in Calypso 1.0.01:

Calypso Rule Language

  • Change to graphic representation for suspending actions: actions such as "grab" that always suspend the rule interpreter now have a small"and then" indicator at the end of the rule to help indicate this. Actions such as "say" that don't suspend automatically can be made to suspend by adding the optional "and then..." tile. which is a larger version of the "and then" indicator. It's still the case that actions that complete immediately and therefore never suspend, such as "glow", do not offer an "and then..." tile.

  • "WHEN visiting" can now be used by any character, not just the robot. So, for example, if cube1 has a "WHEN visiting kitchen" rule, that rule will fire whenever cube1's location falls within the boundaries of the kitchen.

  • New "in" tile is true if an object is in a room, e.g., "WHEN see cube1 in room1" will be true whenever cube1 is located within room1.

  • Visual search: we're starting to develop a new robot capability called "visual search". The first step is the new "look around" action. If you write "WHEN look around red cube" the robot will turn in place until it finds a red cube. If there is already a red cube on the world map then this action succeeds immediately. In simulator mode the robot knows where all the objects are so this action will always succeed if an object that meets the specifications is present in the world map. "Look around" with an "in-frame" modifier will turn until the object is visible in the camera frame.

  • New "inline" action incorporates the rules from another page. If you have a complex set of rules that you want to use on multiple pages, put them on a separate page and "inline" them wherever you need them. It's the Calypso version of a subroutine call.

  • Nested suspending actions now work properly. Previously, if a suspending action such as "move ahead 50 mm" was followed by another suspending, indented action such as "turn left quarter", the indented rule did not execute as intended. This bug has been fixed.

World Map

  • New graphic for tilted cubes on the world map: we've changed the graphical depiction of cubes with orientation "tilted" so it looks less like the graphic for orientation "inverted".

  • If there are landmarks (walls) available, and the robot doesn't presently know its own location, the robot will now play a sound when it sees a landmark and localizes successfully.

  • Two new wall types: Wall "C" is 100 mm long and wall "D" is 50 mm long. These complement the two original letter walls: wall "A" at 300 mm and wall "B" at 400 mm.

State Machine View

  • State machine layout editing: in the state machine layout view, you can now click and drag on nodes or links to reposition them as you like. Links can be made "fixed" or "float": a float link readjusts itself automatically as you move the nodes it connects to. Fixed links keep their midpoint fixed; you adjust its position manually.

  • Double-clicking on a node now takes you to the rule editor for that page.