Calypso Software

Introducing Cloud Calypso

We now have a version of Calypso that runs in the cloud. You can access it at

Cloud Calypso runs in simulator mode; you cannot use it to control a physical robot. But you can access it from any Chrome web browser, even on architectures that don't support regular Calypso, such as Chromebooks and iPads.

Code that is developed on Cloud Calypso can be downloaded later to a laptop running the Calypso for Cozmo framework for Windows or MacOS and used to control a real Cozmo robot. Likewise, code written using Calypso for Cozmo can be uploaded to the cloud and run there in a simulated environment. The two Calypsos are 100% compatible.

Cloud Calypso is presently free, but we will eventually be moving to a subscription model. You can use it right now without event creating an account, but if you want to be able to save your programs in the cloud and access them later from another machine, creating a free account only takes a minute.

The current release of Cloud Calypso, 0.9.08, is very close to the latest release of Calypso for Cozmo, which is 0.9.07. The two will be completely unified when the 0.9.09 release comes out.

If you're interested in teaching students remotely using Cloud Calypso, don't forget to visit out Calypso curriculum page.