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Calypso 1.0.15 released

Calypso 1.0.15 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Cloud. Updates are free. On Windows, you can update your copy of Calypso by going to Home -> Settings -> Update Calypso Now, or downloading the new installer using this link: Mac users can just download a new DMG file using this link: You can access Cloud Calypso at

New Features in 1.0.15:

  • New display of action blocking relationships: when one action blocks another (cf. the Third Law of Calypso: "When actions confict, the earliest wins), we now draw a yellow striped arrow from the blocking action to the blocked action(s). This will help users understand why an action isn't executing. It should be especially helpful for users who mistakenly hold a sequential model of rule execution.
  • The "express" action in the simulator now comes with sound effects and micro-animations.
  • Items in the button/keyboard help panel in the top left corner of the display are now clickable, providing another modality for performing many operations.
  • A new "Overview" panel in the rule editor shows which pages exist for every character, giving an overview of the entire program. (Suppressed in Novice Mode.)

Other changes

  • Improved error checking for rules.
  • Further refinements to Spanish language support.
  • Fixed a bug affecting use of walls with the physical robot.