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Calypso 1.0.17 released

Calypso 1.0.17 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Cloud. Updates are free. On Windows, you can update your copy of Calypso by going to Home -> Settings -> Update Calypso Now, or downloading the new installer using this link: Mac users can just download a new DMG file using this link: You can access Cloud Calypso at

New Features in 1.0.17:

  • Text blocks in the world map. You can now create text blocks on the world map to label objects or places or provide instructions to users. We have a full-featured text editor that allows choice of font size and color, border size and color, rotation, etc. Using text blocks you can make the world map more interesting looking and also more informative.

  • Regular expression syntax highlighting. The "hear" predicate and the "say" action both allow regular expressions, such as "hi | hello". Calypso now automatically applies syntax highlighting in the regular expression editing box to help avoid common errors such as writing "please | grab it" instead of "(please |) grab it".

  • Regular expression matching shown on the world map. If a "hear" predicate matches a regular expression, now you see not only the speech string displayed in the world map, but also the regular expression that matched it. This can be helpful when trying to verify that a set of regular expressions behaves the way you expect.

  • Simulating speech input. If there is a face visible on the world map, you can right click on it and choose "Speak" and type text for the character to speak. This is useful for simulating voice input if your machine does not have a microphone.

There are also some minor bug fixes in this release.